The Marshall Sklare Award is given annually by the ASSJ to a senior scholar who has made a significant scholarly contribution to the social scientific study of Jewry, primarily through the publication of a body of research in books and articles or of published work related to public policy.

Previous Sklare Award winners:

1992 Sidney Goldstein (demography)

1993 Seymour Martin Lipset (sociology)

1994 Celia Heller (history)

1995 Daniel Elazar (political science)

1996 Samuel Klausner (sociology)

1997 Walter Zenner (anthropology)

1998 Bernard Reisman (communal service)

1999 Sergio DellaPergola (demography)

2000 Charles Liebman (political science)

2001 Calvin Goldscheider (sociology and demography)

2002 Jonathan Sarna (history)

2003 Samuel Heilman (sociology)

2004 Egon Mayer (sociology)

2005 Elihu Katz (communications)

2006 Deborah Dash Moore (history)

2007 Barry Chiswick (economics)

2008 Paul Ritterband (sociology)

2009 Charles Kadushin (social networks)

           2010 Steven M. Cohen (sociology)

           2011 Riv-Ellen Prell (anthropology)

           2012 Leonard Saxe (social psychology)

           2013 Morton Weinfeld (sociology)

           2014 Sylvia Barack Fishman (sociology)

           2015 Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett (performance studies)

           2016 Bruce Phillips (sociology)